Consolidating the News (or, at least, its production)

The Tribune Co. announced it will edit and design pages with local news for its paper, The Daily Press, out of the Chicago offices. This is a first step towards larger regional newspapers overtaking smaller markets. I’ve long believed that eventually there will only be a few mega national papers like The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times and a few others, and they will have inserts of locally reported news, sports, and features. These papers will have a smaller circulation and act, in some ways, as general interest magazines in their appeal to more affluent, educated readers than newspapers in the past which were more concerned with circulation numbers and penetration (percentage of local households subscribing).

Online publications and alternative weeklies will take over the considerable role of arts education, grass roots opinion, and the occasional uncovering of local corruption. The Trubune Co. already produces national stories with headlines and page designs to drop into the pages of its local papers. So the Daily Press is essentially becoming a Trib Jr. with local inserts.

Read the full story in the Tribune here.

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