The Stillness of Original Time

Here is a story of mine, “The Stillness of Original Time,” in American Way, the magazine of American Airlines, about going off the grid, something I’ve done increasingly in recent years. Maybe it’s a return to simpler times in younger days as life gets more complex and I get older.

The idea came from trips I’d taken to some remote places over the previous year. Here’s an excerpt:

Nature’s rhythms dictate our days and nights. We arise with the light and, when necessary, a soft call from one of the staff members outside our cabin. Our days are mostly unscheduled; we can choose to zoom through the jungle canopy on a zip-line adventure, hike to a small waterfall, or spend hours doing little more than inhaling and exhaling. After dinner at the lodge’s open-air restaurant, we navigate the path back to our cabin using flashlights and slip under the sheets. There’s no noise, literal or metaphorical — nothing but what writer John McPhee calls “the stillness of original time.”


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